Prioritize Roadmaps and Feature Requests with AI

Product teams face endless internal opinions on what to build next. Customer feature requests should carry the most weight. But collecting them at scale is virtually impossible without AI.

By automatically analyzing account management, customer success, and support calls, AI solutions like TranscribeIQ detect and compile feature requests into an always-up-to-date backlog.

This enables product leaders to:

  • Quantify demand and interest for potential features
  • Gain insights into unexpected use cases
  • Identify rising needs to build into roadmaps
  • Assess competitor gaps based on customer feedback
  • Filter noise and opinions with data-backed insights
  • Track feature request results and impact

With an ear constantly listening to the voice of the customer, roadmap prioritization becomes a science rather than a guessing game.

The Bottom Line

Don’t build in the dark. Let AI illuminate the way by surfacing feature requests from the source – your customers.

Learn how AI can optimize your roadmap by requesting a TranscribeIQ demo today.