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TranscribeIQ Chrome Extension
$5.99Monthly Subscription
  • 200Ad-hoc AI Analyses
  • Integrateswith Gong
  • Supports Transcripts From Any App
  • 14 Day Free Trial Available
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TranscribeIQ Team Essentials
$199Unlimited Team Licenses
  • 50Custom AI Analysis
  • IntegratesGong, Slack, G-Suite
  • 30 Day Free Trial Available
  • IncludesChrome Extension
  • Up to 25 Users
TranscribeIQ for Teams Professional
$299Unlimited Team Licenses
  • 100Custom AI Analysis
  • IntegratesGong, Slack, G-Suite
  • AdvancedModel Access
  • IncludesChrome Extension
  • Up to 50 Users
TranscribeIQ for Teams Enterprise
$499Unlimited Team Licenses
  • 500Custom AI Analysis
  • IntegratesGong, Slack, G-Suite
  • AdvancedModel Access
  • IncludesChrome Extension
  • Up to 100 Users

what our customers say about TranscribeIQ

" By leveraging TranscribeIQ, we were able to diagnose and resolve issues in our sales cycles in a matter of weeks. The impact of understanding why we were winning and losing deals was dramatic. It also provided key feedback for coaching and enablement."
VP of Sales
" We were instantly able to identify some of the key reasons for churn. TranscribeIQ allowed us to go straight to the source and understand what issues customer were facing in real time. It gave us the information we needed to make changes in the right places"
VP of Customer Success
" TranscribeIQ enabled us to pinpoint the conversations customer were having about friction, value, and critical feature requests. Our team started closing gaps immediately - this brought Voice of the Customer right into our daily workflows."
Product Manager
" We thought our customer handoffs from sales to success were sufficient, but the insights from TranscribeIQ exposed gaps we weren't seeing. We've since improved alignment across our revenue teams and nurtured more high-value accounts as a result."
Manager of Customer Success
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Prioritize Customer Insights

Harness the power of TranscribeIQ to mine valuable data from your transcripts, delivering essential insights directly to Sales, Customer Success, and Product teams.


Accelerate Team Performance

Get your teams operational swiftly with TranscribeIQ's comprehensive customer call analysis, including detailed call summaries, effective coaching, sentiment tracking, and targeted product feedback.


Secure Your Competitive Edge

Quickly grasp the dynamics of your sales wins and losses, customer retention, and product feature demands. TranscribeIQ provides the actionable intelligence you need to stay ahead.

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Custom Insights and Seamless Integrations:Gong, Slack, Chrome & G-Suite

Maximize efficiency and harness strategic insights with TranscribeIQ. Our platform empowers Sales, Customer Success, and Product teams with smart analytics to secure more deals, enhance customer loyalty, and innovate with feature developments that truly resonate.

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Gain precise insights into customer needs throughout your sales and support cycles with TranscribeIQ. Make informed decisions based on direct feedback from your conversations.